ISLAMABAD   -  Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Accountability Shahzad Akbar Monday claimed the government has undeniable evidence to prove that the assets accumulated by the family of Opposition Leader in National Assembly funded by the remittances.

Addressing a press conference on Monday, he said the Shehbaz family has no source of income inside the country but it received $26 million from abroad.

He said the State Bank of Pakistan Special Financial Unit traced the some suspicious transition from the assets case.

He said 95 percent assets of Hamza Shehbaz were bought from the money remitted between 2007-08 and 2010-11 by individuals and fake companies and it has been proven before Lahore High Court.

He said the legal team had shown the all documents related to money-laundering case of Hamza Shehbaz to LHC. He said 99 per cent assets of Salman Shehbaz were built up though fake remittances.

He said the 80 per cent income of Shehbaz’s first wife is based on remittances.

Afterwards they established around 37 companies on the basis of these remittances, he said, adding that more than 200 people, who sent these remittances were fake, and when they were interviewed it was discovered that they even cannot afford travel from Lahore to Karachi.

“Manzoor Paparwala from Jehlum who had sent more than $ 2 million to the accounts of Shehbaz son, had no clue about all this and  was a really poor man, Akbar said, adding that Hamza is under arrest while Suleman is absconder.

“I want to ask Shehbaz whether Ali Imran is his son-in-law or not.

In September 2002, he received Rs20 million demand draft from ERRA. His company has received the money and there is evidence about the transaction,” the PM assistant said.

He said, in 2011, he received Rs27 million and In March 2013, he received another Rs13 million from ERRA.

“Former ERRA director Naveed Ikram confessed that Rs131 million were paid to Ali Imran, Later, payments worth millions were made to Ali Imran from the Saaf Paani project. This is one of the small portions of evidence I have shared with you about the wrongdoings of Shehbaz family,” he added.

He said the money was transferred to Shehbaz son in law Ali Imran's company from the fund meant for earthquake-affected people.

 The PM assistant said similarly money was sent into Shehbaz account through remittances from abroad.

He challenged Shehbaz Sharif to sue him in a London court. He said that all the properties made from Naveed Ikram's property worth Rs1 billion have been confiscated.