A short video making app ‘TikTok’ has got tremendous popularity with 500 million users worldwide. Tiktok was set up by the Chinese company ‘ByteDance’ in September 2016.

TikTok is an iOS and Android media app for creating short musical videos of three to 15 seconds and short looping videos of three to 30 seconds. This app was created for the purpose of entertainment. However, it has been misused by people. In Pakistan, TikTok is being used voraciously by young girls and boys who spend most of their precious time using the app rather than studying.

Besides, for the sake of getting likes and followers, they shared malapropos contents with people. This app is adversely affecting our young generation, exposing them to sexual predators, pornographic and sleazy contents, and cyber bullying. Many TikTok users get the videos and pictures of someone’s families and dub it with sexual transmitting songs and dialogues in their videos without their consent and make it viral on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

In January 2019 there was brouhaha in Pakistani media that TikTok was going to be banned completely in Pakistan, but it couldn’t be banned. To save our youth from the TikTok quagmire, the ban must be imposed by the government because it is said that youth is the hope of our future.


Khairpur Mir’s.