ISLAMABAD  -    The issues pertaining to the land acquisition for 4320 megawatt Dasu Hydropower Project have been resolved as ECNEC approved stage-I of the project and work on the scheme will be started soon.

Due to inaction and ill planning of the previous government Dasu Hydropower Project was delayed for around three and half year which was causing a loss of up to Rs 360 million on daily basis to the national exchequer, Minister for Water Resources Faisal Vawda said while talking in a Press conference here.

Minister for Water Resources also announced that a special plan was devised for Sindh which would be a surprise to the people and the name of Prime Minister Imran Khan would be written in the history with golden words.  The Minister, however, said that Prime Minister Imran Khan would himself announce the plan.

He said that there are a lot of projects in Sindh that are abandoned despite availability of funds. In future no funds will be released to the abandoned projects, he added.

On Dasu Hydro project, the Minister said that ECNEC approved the stage 1 of project and revised the cost for land acquisition and land development.

The project is financed by World Bank and WAPDA and is designed to provide 4,320 MW of electricity in two stages.

Faisal Vawda said that the previous government had taken loan for Dasu project without resolving the land for it. Vawda said that the delay was criminal negligence which has caused loss of billion of rupees to the national exchequer.

Regarding delay in the execution of the Dasu Hydropower project, the Minister announced that an inquiry was being conducted to find those responsible for the delay of this mega project.

The project early cost was increased by Rs 5 billion mainly due to increase in land cost, however, efforts would be made to curtail it, the Minister stated.

The phase-I of the project will be completed in four years, he added.

He said that Dasu project was inaugurated by the Prime Minister during PML-N govt sans land acquisition. He said that they are not going to inaugurate it for second time but will celebrate it alongwith journalists.

He said that overall PML-N had inaugurated 34 projects without proper funds arrangement and ,therefore, were able to complete only two of them.

The incumbent government would start only those projects for which funds were available, he said.

Regarding flood protection, the Minister said that the provinces are not executing the flood River Act and legislation related to floods.  He said that the provinces have been asked to remove encroachments in the flood plains to reduce the losses to public and private properties.

Faisal Vawda said that conspiracies such as Dawn leaks and video leaks were being hatched to malign State institutions.

The government would not bow down and the process of accountability would continue, the Minister stated.

He said that earlier conspiracy was hatched to malign National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and now such tactics were being made to degrade judiciary.