ISLAMABAD  -     The Islamabad High Court Monday took up a petition seeking court’s directions to remove Arshad Malik as judicial officer and conduct forensic audit of his leaked video.

A single bench of IHC comprising acting Chief Justice of IHC Justice Aamer Farooq conducted hearing of the petition while the petitioner Mir Aurangzeb Advocate appeared before the court in person.

During the hearing, the bench asked the petitioner to put forward his arguments on the maintainability of the petition. At this, Aurangzeb requested the court to grant him some time for preparation of the case.

Therefore, the bench deferred hearing in this connection for one week by accepting his request to seek time for preparations.

Mir Aurangzeb filed the petition in person and cited Federal Law Secretary and Registrar IHC and judge Arshad Malik as respondents.

He stated in his petition that the news items after the release of videos regarding the talk of judge Arshad with one Nasir Butt has stirred the society whereby certain allegations have been made.

He added that the said video is said to have revealed the reason of conviction to former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and others as pressure from different quarters on the judge of the Accountability Court.

Petitioner maintained that Arshad Malik seemed to have lost the credibility to act a judge after his admission to have contacts with the allegedly notorious persons.

“According to the code of conduct of the judges, enshrined in the statutory laws, the judges are supposed to have no private contacts with the individuals of bad character of reputation,” said the petition.

Mir said that the judge, after the release of these videos and his admission to meet the notorious persons through his press release, has lost his position to work as independent judge and is required to be restrained from judicial work because the judges are to follow the code of conduct which provides that they would work without fear or favour.