ISLAMABAD: Pakistan remains hopeful that Prime Minister Imran Khan's maiden visit to the White House later this month would prove to be a catalyst towards helping repair its acrimonious relationship with Washington as the US seeks its help in ending the war in Afghanistan.

The US-Afghan conflict would be the major focus of the meeting between PM Imran Khan and President Donald Trump. Observers believe that to end the nearly 18-year US-Afghan conflict, US requires cooperation and broader engagement from Pakistan, therefore, this visit holds significant importance. 

"Pakistan has been facilitating the US-Taliban talks in good faith, underscoring that it remains a shared responsibility," Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said during a seminar in Islamabad.

Relations between Pakistan and the United States have been turbulent since Trump took office in 2017, with the US leader frequently singling out Islamabad for failing to rein in extremists and being an unfaithful partner in the fight against militants.

The White House has repeatedly accused the Pakistani military establishment of helping fund and arm the Taliban. Pakistan rightly denies the claims as it has paid the price for its alliance with the US and thousands of its citizens have been killed in its long struggle with militancy.