ISLAMABAD (PR): PTCL collabo­rates with Mera Sabaq Learning Systems to bring a unique educa­tional series for children called ‘Alif Say Yay’ on PTCL Smart TV and Smart TV App. The series covers multiple video tutorials, especially created to enable early education of children. The content is hosted on PTCL’s video-on-demand sec­tion, which is free of cost for all users. Through this content, ev­ery child can have access to and gain understanding of the Urdu alphabets in a fun and uncon­ventional way regardless of their economic and social background. Syed Mazhar Hussain, Chief HR Officer, PTCL, said, “PTCL believes that education is foundation of a progressive society. At PTCL, we encourage start-ups and realize the importance of ingenuity, cre­ativity and innovation for a better economic landscape of Pakistan.” Hassan Bin Rizwan, CEO Sabaq, said, “Its inspiring to see compa­nies like PTCL coming forward and supporting the cause of educa­tion. Having our educational series hosted on such a large platform will allow us to further spread our mission”. Mera Sabaq Learning Systems is an EdTech start-up that operates with the objective of cre­ating world class tutoring videos.