KHANEWAL - Four robbers went on a rampage at Makki Masjid Chowk here the other day.

Armed men entered the house of cell phone trader Bilal and locked the entire family in a room. They also tortured women of the family for shouting. They looted gold and cash worth more than Rs1 million and fled.

After that, they came out of the house and caught a cable operator named Asif. They snatched a motorcycle from him and tried to flee, but the cable operator gathered people by hurling shouts for help. He also called on 15. Asif and his friend chased the robbers on a motorcycle. The robbers resorted to firing, but Asif and his friends continued to chase them. During this, robbers snatched another motorcycle. They kept firing shots at Asif and his friend, but they managed to escape and continued chasing them. It forced the robbers to leave a motorbike and a bag filled with cash and gold behind. Thereafter, they managed to escape.

Meanwhile, police came to the spot and appreciated Asif and other people for their courage. People, however, questioned from police why they did not respond on time despite their calls on 15.