Lahore - Nadeem A Mumtaz - owner of Lahore’s iconic Fazaldin & Sons pharmacy on Mall Road  - passed away of COVID-19 related complications early on Wednesday morning, a day after his birthday.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed his condolences and prayers to the families of his Aithisonian fellow Nadeem Mumtaz. In a tweet, the Prime Minister said Nadeem Mumtaz and he were together in Aitchison for nine years.

Known for his exuberant personality, Nadeem Mumtaz was a well-respected presence in Lahore; his passing was met with an outpouring of grief and condolences from friends, family, and the many people who remembered his positive contributions to the city in his lifetime.

His family migrated from India after the Partition in 1947, after which his grandfather set up a pharmacy, now know as Fazaldin & Sons on Mall Road; post-partition Lahore’s most well-known drug store.

Nadeem Mumtaz was a thorough Lahori; going to Punjab University where he would meet his future wife, Qudsia Mumtaz. The couple would go on to have five sons, with whom they would build a home and live the remainder of their lives in Garden Town.

He was well-known lover of the arts and the finer things in life. His habit of dressing in flamboyant styles and vibrant colours will be remembered fondly by those who knew him.

From opening his pharmacy at odd hours to travelling far and wide trying to acquire unavailable medicine people needed, he will forever be known for going out of his way for anyone that came to him for any assistance.

Nadeem Mumtaz and Qudsia Mumtaz were a prominent and sociable couple that stayed connected with their vast network of friends and associates. They were stalwarts of urban Lahore’s newly emerging social zeitgeist, and Nadeem Mumtaz’s passing is a signal that those heady times have truly come to an end. 

Nadeem A Mumtaz was a notable figure, one whose loss is the country’s loss. The city of Lahore has lost one of its own; an icon of its class, culture and prosperity.