KARACHI - Sindh Minister for Information and Local Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah said on Wednesday that the story of K-Electric’s oppression on the people of Karachi is getting longer and longer.

These views were expressed by Shah on the occasion of a meeting with the people affected by load shedding at his residence Ali House in Karachi. Shah said that the elite of the country is unaware of how the poor people who run day and night to feed themselves and their children are the only ones who walk on their heads when they go to bed tired at night. The fan also shuts off Whose responsibility is none other than Electric and its supporters.

According to the provincial minister, the Sindh government has raised its voice on the issue of power in Karachi in all avenues and forums but the people of Karachi could not get anything except the inattention of the federation and false consolations.

On all the issues of Karachi, the PPP provincial government had stood by the people and raised their voices in protest. Is constantly suffering.

Shah further said that the government of Sindh was with its people yesterday and will always fight for its people, no matter how much we have to suffer for this crime.

PTI leader demands

uninterrupted power supply

The President Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Hyderabad District Imran Qureshi has called upon HESCO management to ensure uninterrupted power supply so that the people could get sigh of relief during sizzling weather.

In a statement here on Wednesday, he said that long duration power breakdown and unannounced load shedding causing great inconvenience to the people of Hyderabad and there is the need to provide them relief by ensuring uninterrupted power supply. He emphasized upon the HESCO management to control unannounced load shedding and replace all faulty power transformers.



 as long duration power breakdown is creating unrest among the people who are unable to continue their civic activities.

He said the PTI government fully committed to provide maximum relief to people, however, some departments are taking such steps which are against the policies of the government. The HESCO management should focus attention towards uninterrupted power supply, he added.