FAISALABAD - Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA) Lahore, Director General (DG) Dr M Ashraf Tahir on Wednesday said the agency processed 1.5 million evidences in a year while it had resolved 600,000 cases since its inception.

Addressing at a seminar in the University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF), he said that it was the second largest and reliable laboratory in the world collecting forensic evidence.

Dr Ashraf Tahir said the Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA) had had different departments including audio-video analysis; computer forensic; crime & death scene investigation; DNA & Serology; firearm & toolmarks identification; forensic photography; latent finger prints; narcotics; pathology; polygraph; questioned documents; toxicology; and trace chemistry.

He said that they challenged anyone anytime to go and re-test from the US forensic lab or anywhere, but our test results would remain the same. The USA has a DNA database of 20 million criminals while PFSA store DNA databases once crime was committed either it was heinous or ordinary, he added.

He said it was the nature of criminals to repeat their crimes after every three year and the DNA helped law enforcement agencies to find the criminals.

PFSA is second largest and reliable laboratory in world collecting forensic evidence

He said that Zainab rape-murder case, Chunian case in which four children were sexually abused and killed, identification of burnt bodies in oil tanker explosion case in Ahmedpur Sharqia, were resolved by PFSA through DNA evidences, audio-video analysis, latent finger prints, chemical examination matters and other forensic advanced techniques.

UAF Vice Chancellor Dr Muhammad Ashraf who chaired the seminar, said that forensic sciences had gained immense importance, therefore it was responsibilities of universities to launch forensic science degree programmes.

He lauded the performance of PFSA in tracing criminals.

He said the UAF was working on DNA in different departments including Bio-Technology; Bio-Chemistry; Microbiology etc. 

He said the Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) had approved COVID PCR Testing Lab established at the UAF to conduct corona tests.

The university was devising a plan on Pakistan Agri-Vision 2020- 2047 aimed to ensure modern trends in the agricultural sector at par with international standards, he added.