ISLAMABAD - The Scrutiny Committee in the foreign funding case against the ruling party in its meeting on Wednesday asked PTI for more details in the case.

A reliable source from ECP told The Nation that the Com­mittee sought details of PTI funding, a requirement under law.

The committee in over 70 meetings is yet to collect all details regarding relevant data in the case including the bank accounts allegedly being used by PTI for money trans­fers.

However, the scrutiny com­mittee has made some devel­opment by asking PTI for more details after the ECP in previ­ous week had directed the committee to present its final report until August.

The PTI publicly claims to have submitted all record; however, its claims proved wrong after the committee asked them for submission of more details and records.

Meanwhile, the sources in ECP also said that the PTI agreed to submit details by the next meeting scheduled for July 23rd.

While talking to the me­dia outside the ECP after the meeting, the petitioner and founding member of PTI Ak­bar S Babar said that the ECP Order of June 2nd setting August 17th as the closing date for the Committee to fi­nalize its report was a step forward.

He said if forensic audit of ten companies could be com­pleted in a few weeks for the sugar scam, then why a de­tailed forensic audit of PTI has taken over two years.

He hoped that once the Com­mittee ends its work, the ECP would hear and conclude the case pending for almost six years.

It is pertinent to mention here that Akbar S Baber in past has frequently showed his res­ervations over the sluggish progress of the committee in the case.

He has also warned that he would raise the case in Su­preme Court if the ECP failed to deliver just on merit.

On the other hand an official in ECP without mentioning his name told The Nation that the case was going against the rul­ing party as they have failed to submit the records of their bank accounts properly.