On May 25, 2008, at the village Shadabad, a local NGO arranged a mega festival on Gorakh Hill Station, with the main objective of introducing this wonderful mountain resort to local and foreign tourists and the public in general. Another objective was to highlight the importance of this site to the elected leadership of the present government through media. The invitees included representative from different NGOs, national mainstream media, literary personalities, researchers and elected representatives including the Sindh Minister for Tourism and Culture. Unfortunately, the minister and government official did not show up at the event. The arrangements of the organizers were also disrupted by sudden rain and thunderstorm. A lot of people also left because of rumours of road blockade due to a mudslide. They missed out on the beautifully chilly weather of the only hill station in Sindh where people of middle and lower middle classes can go to escape the scorching heat from May to August. Situated in the east of Dadu district and nearly 6000 ft high from sea level, Gorakh is situated near Sehwan but not yet accessible by a road that is still in planning stages. -GULSHER PANHWER, Johi, District Dadu, via e-mail, May 31.