ISLAMABAD - President Supreme Court Bar Association Aitzaz Ahsan said on Sunday that if the deposed judges would accept the restoration through constitutional package, the lawyers' movement would end automatically. In an exclusive interview with Waqt TV at his residence, Aitzaz said, "I cannot speak on behalf of the deposed judges - but if they join their duties after passage of constitutional package in the Parliament, the lawyers' movement will be meaningless." He also dispelled the impression that there was any decision by any lawyers' body to stage sit-in in front of Parliament House. "No lawyers' association or body ever announced sit-in. There were some people from legal fraternity as well as from political parties who have been talking about sit-in ,but we (lawyers) never asked for it." He was of the view that a 'majestic and mammoth' long march would have turned into a tiny sit-in if he had announced that on Saturday that in no way would help the cause rather  it would provide an opportunity to the critics to accuse lawyers of losing popular support, he deserved. When asked about the future plans, he said that they would decide about it after consulting all the lawyers' bodies. "Rest assured, we will not sit calmly unless we achieve our declared goal that is restoration of deposed judges," he said. Aitzaz also denied any government pressure to avoid sit-in. "Nobody from the government contacted me throughout the long march except Minister Qamaruz Zaman Kaira who told me about food and water arrangements. I refused to accept his offer." Aitzaz said the proposals for train march and international lawyers' convention are also under lawyers' consideration.