The total number of fixed and mobile subscribers in     creased to 85 million in 2008 in Pakistan with major     contribution of mobile sector, tele-density in the country has increased to 58 per cent of the population, which is the highest in South Asia. With the growth of mobile phone industry, there are different perceptions of people about cell phone and its usage. Most of the young people consider it as a luxury; mature people are using cell phones for their personal use and take it as a communication module while elders are using cell phone for emergency. When we talk about young people and increased use of cell phone and different packages announced by cellular companies in our country some girls pointed out that the cell phone is very important as far as their security is concerned. They say it keeps them in contact with parents during their university and college time. Some young people valued the packages particularly night packages announced by cellular companies and by Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. Some rejected night packages as odd package. One of the industry experts Syed Muhammad Raza while sharing his experience said not in Pakistan, but in United States there are restricted to two way communication push to talk devices without keypad and text facility are in use, these devices restrict open access to information to the whole world are best for the young people. This wireless technology is available in Pakistan but not activated because of marketing reasons. In Pakistan, most of the young people become victimized because of open access to communication. All agrees on the use of cell phone and underlined its importance but few disciplines need to be followed particularly in young people. Parents should come forward and play their role in positive growth of their children and monitor the open access to information available in form of pre-paid mobile phone. With available resources in Pakistan parents should give post paid numbers to their children so that they remain in moral pressure and use accordingly. Postpaid numbers provides all details of numbers on requirement or at month end. They should audit the number and its frequent use. By this approach, the young people should concentrate on their professional career. Majority can go crazy on any unauditable system. The expert responded about query related 24hour check on youngsters, again not in Pakistan but in United States and European countries there are many cell phone protected devices available that restrict to swap the SIM on one cell phone. PTA should come up with such mechanism to restrict SIM swap. We have achieved many milestones in Telecommunication and IT industry but more need to be done.