For some people, life is a permanent gift of joy, no matter what the circumstances. They do not complain about what they don't have; instead they count their blessings and thank God for what they have. These people are also blessed with the gift of looking at the funnier side of life and taking problems in their strides. As far as they are concerned, the best way to lead a life is to take it easy. Former test cricketer and member of PCB selection committee, Shafqat Rana, is one of such person. Talk to him on any subject under the sun, he would smile it away in a cheerful manner as if there was no other way to look at it but to laugh it off. During a recent telephonic conversation with him, I said something about the energy saving drive by the government and asked why doesn't PCB play a positive role in this regard and stop playing night matches since it consumes a lot of energy. Rana replied that actually the whole nation saves electricity for PCB to play night cricket. His witty remark made the two of us give out a hearty laugh. -RAFAT MAHMOOD ANSARI, Islamabad, via e-mail, June 2.