Two months have lapsed since the newly formed government started functioning in the country. Indecision has been the hallmark of this period of zero-rated achievements. The restoration of judges, unaffordable prices of items of daily use, shortage of electricity, unemployment etc are the issues adding to the frustration of the public by the hour. The so-called constitutional package is being tossed about by the leaders like a basketball with no slam-dunk in sight. This package has been turned down resoundingly by PML (N) and the lawyers' community that is a further bane to the public resentment. To crown it all, our law minister was seen on TV moving in a motorcade of bulletproof cars to deliver the infamous constitutional package to Nawaz Sharif. The show of glamour on the occasion was no less than a visiting head of state going to Aiwan-i-Sadr for a ceremonial reception. We are a poor state where the average citizen cannot afford two square meals a day. People are committing suicides due to not being able to subsist. The indulgence of our leaders in this kind of crass pomp and show does not reflect the Islamic values imbibed in Quran. -MUHAMMAD AFZAL, Attock, via e-mail, June 2.