FOR quite a while, the Lahorites have not been too happy over the quality of meat they are getting in the market, and the press report that laboratory tests have revealed a good about 30 percent of it is of either dead or dying animals would now give them a feeling of sickness as well, besides the realisation that they have been exposed to a serious health hazard. A special squad of concerned officials of the city district government had, on suspicion of poor quality, collected 14 samples of the meat from some slaughterhouses at Kot Kamboh, which it inspected a few days back and had them tested at the WTO-Quality Operation Laboratory. Three of the samples were found to be of dead animals and one of a seriously sick animal. One hopes that the Iqbal Town municipal administration under whose jurisdiction the slaughterhouses are situated would take appropriate action against the culprits and make sure that the citizens are supplied standard quality meat in future. Meanwhile, medical experts have expressed alarm at the health hazards that the consumption of meat of dead or diseased animals poses, and advised the people to take only properly cooked meals to minimise the chances of survival of dangerous organisms.