ISLAMABAD (NNI) - Pakistan's top nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has said that many scientists promised Zulfikar Ali Bhutto to make nuclear bomb in few years but betrayed him. He said late Bhutto was the only person who made the nuclear programme possible. "Bhutto asked me can we become a nuclear power and I replied: Insha Allah we will", Dr Khan said in an interview with a private TV channel. He alleged that the western countries have been defaming him since long and has been accusing him of stealing nuclear secrets, however, he visited many western countries including Netherlands and no action was taken against him. To a query, he said that General Zia had never instigated him against ZAB, however, Zia always condemned ZA Bhutto. "I asked Zia not to hang Bhutto but Zia never rolled back our nuclear programme", he said. Dr Khan believed that the United States had ignored Pakistan's nuclear programme due to Afghan war. To a question about the meeting with Indian journalist Kuldip Nayyer, Dr AQ Khan said Kuldip had come to him along with Mushahid Hussain and told him that India had more than 100 nuclear weapons. "I replied Pakistan has also five nuclear weapons and can easily destroy five cities of India if it tries to attack Pakistan", he said. Dr Khan said Kuldip Nayyar had sold the tape of this interview to an English daily. He said he was removed from his post due to the American pressure. To a question about lawyers' long march he said the judiciary had not given verdicts on merit in past and that is why Justice Munir has always been blamed. However, he said that Judiciary should be given independence. He said that after his release he would start social welfare activities but assured his availability for any assistance in the nuclear programme.