ISLAMABAD (Agencies) - With PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif raising the pitch for President Pervez Mushrarraf's trial, his party MPs on Sunday said they have launched a signature campaign calling for the former general's impeachment. Hanif Abbasi, a PML-N lawmaker, told reporters outside Parliament that 48 lawmakers of his party had so far signed the motion. A final decision in the matter would be taken at the next joint meeting of the parliamentary parties of the PML-N and its ally Pakistan People's Party, he said. "The leadership of the PML-N and PPP have said that Musharraf should be impeached. Till today, 48 signatures have been obtained (for the impeachment motion)," Abbasi said. He pointed out that PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari had himself said that the people wanted Musharraf's ouster from the Presidency. "The people's view is that the individual against whom they had given a verdict in the February 18 general elections is still sitting in the Presidency and Army House. It is now the Parliament's job to remove him," Abbasi said. Nawaz Sharif has been insisting on Musharraf's removal since the President's supporters were routed in the general elections. Nawaz, who was ousted as prime minister in a military coup led by Musharraf in 1999, has said the former military strongman should also be held accountable for his actions over the past eight-and-half years. The PPP has so far held back from acting on the PML-N's demand for the impeachment of Musharraf, saying the ruling coalition does not have the two-thirds majority in both Houses of Parliament that is required for such a move. Maqbool Malik from Islamabad adds: There are no signs of any potential impeachment motion against President Pervez Musharraf for the time being specially after PPP is understood to have poured cold water on the proposal mooted out by the PML-N. "We have still not received a clear message from the PPP even though my party continues urging the PPP leadership to come on the board ", PML-N Information Secretary Professor Ahsan Iqbal told TheNation on Sunday. He said PPP has to come on board to crown the motion with success, as it requires 50 percent support of the members of the Parliament. He was optimistic that PML-N would not waste time to table the motion as soon as PPP gave its nod. Ahsan Iqbal dismissed reports that his party has started a signature campaign in the National Assembly to seek consent of its members. "There has been no decision to this effect at the party level. Some members might be doing so in their individual capacity", Ahsan Iqbal added.