RAWALPINDI (NNI) - The members of civil society of the twin cities have said the government has not given any relief to the poor people in the budget rather imposed new taxes which would definitely bring more inflation. They also opposed the 16 percent General Sales and Tax (GST) and 21 percent on telecom services and termed it injustice with the poor people.  In a survey conducted by the agency they said that the poor people were already paying 15 percent GST and instead of abolishing it, the government has proposed increase in it in the federal budged which would further bring inflation and the poor citizens would suffer. Javed Khan, an employee of a private company in Islamabad, said that the prices of commodities are beyond the access of the common man and raise in the GST would further add to the miseries of the poor people. He also appreciated the government for announcing 20 percent increase in the salary of government employees and pensioner but said that the non-salaried class of the country would suffer. Altaf, an employee of a government department in the Capital, said that the government, on one hand, gives 20 percent increase in the salary but on the other takes it back by imposing taxes. He said that the electricity consumers were already paying GST but now they would have to pay extra 10 percent withholding tax, which is cruelty with the poor people of the country. He demanded of the government to withdraw the proposal of 10 percent withholding tax on the electricity bills. Shabir Ahmad, a dealer of mobile telephone sets at Sadar, Rawalpindi, said that mobile telephone has brought communication revolution in the country but the government Rs 500 tax per set would definitely affect the business. He said a customer who purchases a set of Rs 1,000 would further pay Rs 500 and another customer who purchases a set of Rs 50,000 would also pay the same amount, terming in injustice with the common man. He also demanded of the government to withdraw the proposal.  Mohammad Jamil Awan said that the nation is facing the worst kind of load-shedding in the hot months due to which the patients and especially the children are affecting. He said the electricity is disappeared for more than six years in 24 hours but there is no cut in the bills. He said despite it the government has imposed 10 percent withholding tax on the electricity bills. He demanded of the government, especially PPP Chairperson Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and Finance Minister Syed Naveed Qamar to withdraw the decision. He said the common man has already fed up with the utility bills and the 10 percent withholding tax would further add to their miseries. He expressed the hope that the government would withdraw all the taxes and would give relief to the poor masses in shape of subsidies on essential commodities, including atta, ghee, cooking oil, rice, sugar, pulses etc.