ISLAMABAD - Pakistan on Sunday warned Afghanistan against interference in its internal affairs and said Pakistan neither interferes in the internal matters of any country, nor allows anyone to interfere in its business. Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani, said while responding to Afghan President Hamid Karzai's threat of cross-border attacks on Taliban insurgents. Karzai had said that Afghanistan had the right to attack militants' hideouts inside Pakistan in self-defence. It is believed to be his toughest remarks on curbing militancy on the shared frontier with Pakistan. "When they cross the border from Pakistan to come and kill Afghans and coalition troops, it gives us exactly the right to go back and do the same," said the Afghan president addressing a news conference in Kabul according to media reports. President Karzai has time and again accused Islamabad for its alleged failure to stop Taliban based in the tribal areas from crossing the Afghan border and carrying out attacks on the coalition troops. Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani, in his reaction, said Pakistan would not allow anyone to interfere in its internal affairs. He said, "We will neither interfere in the internal affairs of any country, nor will we allow anyone to interfere in our affairs." "Such statements will not help the normalisation of friendly relations between the two countries and will hurt the sentiments of the people on both sides of the border," he said while talking to media here. However, he added that Pakistan wanted friendly relations with Afghanistan. In its response, the foreign ministry said that on Pakistan's side of Afghan border it were the Pakistani troops who had the responsibility to take action against the terrorists. The Foreign Office Spokesperson, Muhammad Sadiq, said that they had seen reports quoting President Karzai but had not seen the transcript of his statement. "We hope it is not the re-initiation of the blame game by Afghanistan," he observed.   Nonetheless, he said Pakistan had a clear position on the military action, on the Afghan side of the border, the Afghan National Army (ANA), ISAF and US army could take whatever action they wanted against the terrorists. "But on the Pakistani side of the border it was the Pakistani troops who have the sole responsibility to take action," he said. He said that any statement that negated that basic principle would not help in the war on terror and could be counter-productive. "Pakistan shall defend its territorial sovereignty," he added.