KARACHI (PPI) - Professional beggars of Karachi are having a roaring business in city, as the police and administration seem reluctant to take any action against them. Hoards of beggars mostly women and children are seen begging in markets, shopping centers, road and streets of the city. The roundabouts of main arteries are also amongst the choicest business locations of these beggars. It is said that no ordinary beggar could do business at such sought out sought locations, because they are covertly 'auctioned' by corrupt elements in police and other related departments for large sums of money called 'Bhatta' (extortion). Public transport vehicles, especially buses, minibuses, coaches and local trains, are also amongst the most profitable sources for the professional beggars. Thousands of men, women and children beg regularly in the public transport vehicles of Karachi from dawn to dusk. Mostly these very professional and expert beggars, beg 'indirectly'. They have many heart-wrenching stories to tell. They claim they are not professional beggars but forces to beg due to some tragedies. These tragedies include needing money due to serious illness of self, parents or children; workplace accidents, prolonged joblessness due to one reason or another, etc. These professional beggars are pro orators and master persuaders. They often manage to soften the hearts of their listeners with their tragic tales told in tear-filled emotional voice. During the administration of last city nazim Karachi Niamatullah Khan a drive had been launches against professional beggars, but since then the police and city government had failed to take a serious and visible action against the professional beggars in Karachi. Professional beggar is considered a blemish on the face of a civilized society. It is also an indication of weakness of administration and police to implement the anti-beggary laws. The governments at the city and provincial level should give a serious attention to this issue and launch a massive drive against the professional beggars with help of police, philanthropists and city society organizations. The real deserving poor people should be provided maximum institutionalized help during this drive, while the mafias running hundreds of thousands of professional beggars should be taken to the task. A professional beggar free Karachi would greatly help in improving the soft image of Karachi and whole Pakistan, besides saving innocent and kind citizens from the loot of these beggars.