PESHAWAR - Levelling allegations against the government, Taliban operating in Mohmand Agency on Sunday announced to terminate dialogues with government. "The government is not sincere in talks, therefore, we are left with no other option but to stop every sort of negotiations," remarked Omar Khalid, Amir of Taliban. The tribal elders also fear the likelihood of a deadlock in the ongoing negotiation between Taliban and government. However, certain quarters are active to salvage the talks. "Efforts are underway for a breakthrough in this respect," remarked Malik Muhammad Ali Halimzai. The jirga was held at the Hujra of Malik Muambar in village Sultankhel near Gandhaw of Mohmand Agency. Qandaharo and Halimzai tribes attended the Jirga and former MNA Malik Fazal Manan, Malik Muhammad Ali Halimzai, Maulana Samiullah and host Malik Muambar addressed besides others. The Taliban were represented by their Amir Omar Khalid and Naib Amir Qari Shakeel. The Taliban leaders on this occasion made it clear that they would not resume talks with the government. However, they declared willingness for holding dialogues with the traditional tribal jirga. Through a resolution, the jirga members and Taliban leaders unanimously warned the US-led allied and NATO forces of dire consequences if Mohmand Agency was attacked again.