ISLAMABAD Finance Minister Syed Naveed Qamar Sunday said that the government would carry out audit of the entire amount of aid given to Pakistan in the war on terror. According to a private TV channel, the minister said this while talking to media in the Parliament lobby. "The massive aid given to Pakistan in the war on terror would be subjected to an audit," it quoted the minister as saying.   The aid package given to Pakistan to fight terrorism would also be discussed in the parliament, he maintained. The Finance Minister has also reportedly told the journalists that the government would convene a meeting of the National Finance Commission next month. Two of the provinces have already sent their requests in this regard while the rest are to arrive, he disclosed. Meanwhile, sources in the Finance Ministry told TheNation that all sorts of the financial aid, assistance, or loans pouring in are already supposed to go through the existing procedures of accounting and audit. When asked to explain the statement of the Finance Minister, they added, he must have hinted at a special audit of the US aid received by Pakistan during the last eight years. The sources were of the view that the government intends to carry out accountability of the external resources obtained by General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf and whatsoever the government under him prior to that of the PPP. The sources further revealed that other than the standard audit procedures, there could be an external audit by a third party auditor, or a special audit by the State Bank of Pakistan could also serve the purpose.