The Old Goats' Association: In the first place, Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan should be tried for treason after being hanged, preferably by the neck, for betraying the greatest cause of civilian humanity. It was a great show and we had all started smelling the aroma of success. Some of the oldest members of our ex-servicemen's association had even heard screams and cries (Musharraf's, obviously) through their hearing aids on the night of the June 13. But unfortunately, it all fizzled out by the dawn of the 14th. The disaster took place only because the traitor Bar-at-law had sold himself to the Establishment under the cloak of darkness. Had the next step of the Long March, (the sit-in etc) been taken, Musharraf and his toadies would have found nowhere to go. The entire neighborhood around Parliament, the Presidency and the Blue Area would have become a public lavatory within a couple of days, spreading every damn epidemic in this posh capital. The city would have stunk like the Boston Harbor leaving no choice for the Establishment but to oust Musharraf and restore the judges. But, now, the entire scenario has changed. The game is far from over. Aitzaz and Musharraf should both be court-martialed for being in cahoots with each other against this great cause of civilian humanity. Ch Shujaat and Pervaiz Elahi: The most astonishing thing about the Long March was its resourcefulness. It was indeed a heavily funded show, half of which must have gone into the mysterious pockets. We at the PML-Q are seriously considering a demand resolution in the National Assembly for an immediate audit of the huge fund that must have run into billions of dollars. We shall also like to know the source of this unprecedented capital inflow. If it came from Nawaz Shareef's exchequer, he must reveal his own sources too. Where did this money come from? And even if it was his own hard-earned money, which obviously is another pack of lies, did he pay the Central Excise Duty, Income Tax and Wealth Tax etc. The "scared" Nawaz Leaguers: As a matter of fact, the Long March was a great success until our great leader fired a few Scuds in his rudder-less speech. The way he bashed certain sensitive quarters was nothing short of a horror movie. It has sent shock waves all over the PML-N flanks scaring the "bit" out of them. It looks that the fate of our party has been sealed once and for all. We all wonder that why did he have to say all that? Was he sleep-talking or something? For that matter, we disclaim whatever our great leader said that night during a strange fit of sleep-talk and hold no responsibility whatsoever for the aftermath. The young Goats' Association, Rawalpindi What ever Mr Sharif said about certain sensitive quarters or headquarters, was blasphemous so he must be taken to task. In the first place he should be rounded up with some contrabands in possession. After being sent to Kot Lakhput, he should be formally charged with sedition, armed robbery, treason, cattle-lifting, hijacking and other useful stuff. Immediately after that, he should be dispatched either to Jeddah or Adiala. The Punjab government should be snatched from his kid brother and equitably divided amongst PPP, PML-Q and other patriot elements of society. Imran, Qazi and other losers Actually it was our show. Millions of our workers have participated and made it a great success, but it's a pity that Nawaz Sharif and a few other intruders tried to steal the show form us. The irony is that they partly succeeded in this attempt. The fact is that our workers also hold the major part of responsibility. Mr Liaquatt Blouch along with about half a million workers kept eating from the lunch-boxes provided by people like Rahman Malik. We have reasons to believe that the food was contaminated with opium, lexotinal, diazepam and other stuff. So it was the kick that the food gave them and they all ended up sleeping in the buses instead of chanting APDM slogans in the rally. No wonder people call us losers etc..