BAJAUR (APP) The security forces have torched hideouts of 10 insurgents at Tehsil Mamoond whereas 16 miscreants voluntarily laid down arms. According to sources, the security forces have set ablaze 10 houses of miscreants including the house of a key commander, who were wanted by the govt in various anti-state activities while conducting search operations. Meanwhile, 16 insurgents laid down arms on voluntary basis at other areas of Tehsil Mamoond. The insurgents took oath on the Holy Quran to remain peaceful and faithful with the country in future and not to keep any contact with terrorists outfits. It is noteworthy here that the security forces have set the deadline of June 30, next for laying down arms for the insurgents. As a result of the offer a large number of miscreants have been reported to have laid down arms and severed ties with the banned outfits.