Peace in society can prevail only when there is law and its due implementation. When law is not respected or implemented or not used judiciously, then extremism creeps in. In the absence of any law, disputes are settled through force and those who have been victims take their revenge. Revenge cannot be judicious. Sometimes it crosses all limits. In Pakistan, if we are interested in seeing our country become peaceful and civilized, we need to start a campaign for everyone respecting the law. In Pakistan, we dont respect the law because it always works in favour of the mighty. The writ of the law is only for the poor, helpless and weak of the society. We have a working judiciary, executive, Parliament and media. That means our state is intact. But the thread that interconnects all these institutions, rule of law, is absent. That is where we are failing. -DR ABID RAUF ORAKZAI, Islamabad, June 14.