QUETTA - Balochistan Government would have to bear an additional burden of Rs 9 to 10 billion due to increase in the salaries of government employees and police in next years budget, sources at the Finance Department of Balochistan told The Nation here on Tuesday. It may be mentioned here that Federal Govt and other three provinces had made a significant increase in the salaries of police but Balochistan govt could not make increase in salaries of its police because of financial constraints, therefore, now Balochistan govt would have to make an increase in salaries of police besides making an increase of 50 per cent in salaries of other employees in accordance with the announcement of Federal govt. 'Because of this situation, provincial exchequer has to bear an additional burden of Rs 9 to 10 billion, sources said,adding, that Balochistan is expected to get Rs 112 billion resources from the Federal Govt for next financial year. They added that these sources were included Rs 83 billion from divisible pool under new National Finance Commission Award, Rs 16 billion from straight transfers under the head of Gas Development Surcharge (GDS) Royalty and Excise on gas and Rs 12 billion as first installment from the Rs 120 billion which were due under the head of GDS. The sources disclosed, 'Balochistan will get Rs 50 billion more resources for its next years budget from the Federal govt as compared to the resources which were projected for current financial year. They said that provincial government will get Rs 3 to 4 billion from its own resources for the upcoming budget. 'Keeping in view the availability of resources for next year the total volume of next budget could be more than Rs 110 billion, they added. They said that total volume of non-development expenditures of province could be over Rs 70 billion while Rs 25 to 30 billion could be allocated for development activities.