LAHORE - A brawl at Lahore High Court on Tuesday between men and women of two families over custody of a Pathan girl put both police and LHC security to a severe test. The security available at LHC was unable to control the situation and later Elite force were called to give security cover to the girl who wanted to go with her husband against the wishes of her parents. Police later hid the girl in office of LHC security officer till arrival of more force so that she may be shifted to her husbands home under security according to the directives of the court. In a habeas corpus petition Justice Ijazul Ahsan allowed Ms Rabia of Gaziabad to go with her husband due to her desire but her parents who are a Pathan family did not accept the decision of the court and tried to take away the girl forcibly. Moreover the family of Ms Rabia tried to snatch her from police and her husband. In the presence of police they warned every one in the other party that they will kill their daughter if they cannot take her back. The habeas corpus petition was filed by Aasia Khanum, mother of Rabia, in the Lahore High Court seeking recovery of her daughter from illegal custody of Ijaz Bhatti and Amir Bhatti, father and uncle of Husnain Ijaz, who had allegedly solemnized marriage with Rabia after allegedly kidnapping her. It was simple love marriage case, which took a bad turn when the lady gave statement in the court against wishes of her parents stating boldly that she wanted to go with her husband who is in jail presently in the case made by her family on grudge of the love marriage. Aasia Khanum resident of Tajpura in her petition submitted that Rabia was married to Qasim Khan on 11/11/2007 but rukhsati was not done and later they got divorce on 15/3/2010 for their daughter from Qasim due to personal reasons. Later on the same day 15/3/2010 she was given in nikha of one Muhammad Shahbaz with her free consent and she was happy with her husband. She said that on 24/5/2010 Rabia was kidnapped by the men of Husnain Ijaz who later on February 2, 2010 solomised marriage with her using coercion and pressure. The mother said Husnain was a criminal and he was presently in a jail being involved in several cases and her daughter was in the custody of his father Ijaz Bhatti and uncle Aamir Bhatti. On this, Justice Ijazul Ahsan sent a bailiff to recover Rabia from custody of Husnain family but there Aasia and her men battled with the family of Husnain and created law and order situation in which servant of Husnain was injured by men of Khanum. The LHC judge seeing the situation had asked CCPO to give security to girl but despite LHC orders poor security allowed dramatic scene at LHC in which even scanty police security was in terror of any attack from the other party.