LAHORE - Anticipating considerable rise in non-development expenditure in the wake of increase in salary, pension and medical bills, City District Government and nine Town Municipal Administrations in the City are facing difficulties in preparing Annual Development Plan for the fiscal year 2010-11, sources informed The Nation on Tuesday. Though the Punjab Government has increased share of districts to enable them to absorb the impact of increase in salary of employees and other emoluments, the allocated amount is insufficient to meet the non-development expenses and development needs. The situation for TMAs is the worst, as the provincial government has cut down their share by 9.26 percent in the Provincial Finance Commission (PFC) Award. The officials at the CDG Lahore and nine TMAs said that the allocated amount was enough to meet the non-development expenses and development needs. They, however, said that there was need of reducing unnecessary spending and increasing development outlay to facilitate the masses. Under the PFC Award, the Punjab Government will provide Rs 9.409 billion to the CDG Lahore to fulfil its compulsory and development expenses in the financial year 2010-11. Though the CDG Lahore will get Rs 2.035 billion more than the allocation in the outgoing fiscal year, the amount is insufficient to meet the requirements of a mega city. In the fiscal year 2009-10, CDG Lahore spent Rs 7.005 billion on payment of salaries and Rs 2.883 billion on other non-development expenses. Out of total outlay of Rs 14.352 billion, CDG Lahore spent Rs 4.464 under ADP and through Citizen Community Boards. With the increase in salary bill, non-development expenditures of CDG Lahore are expected to rise over Rs 12 billion while it will only get Rs 9.409 billion from the Punjab Government under PFC Award. All the amount provided by the Punjab Government to the CDG Lahore under PFC Award will be consumed in the payment of salaries to employees. CDG Lahore will have to manage the entire ADP from its own resources. The development outlay will definitely decrease from the allocation made in the previous year, said an official at the District Coordination Officers office requesting anonymity. Referring to the much hyped sasti roti scheme, the officials said that though the Punjab Government was giving subsidy on flour, the administrative cost of CDG Lahore and nine TMAs was enormous. CDG Lahore and nine TMAs are monitoring the supply chain of subsidised flour, from flourmills to identified tandoors in different parts of the City. A huge amount is spent on managing and monitoring the supply chain of subsidised flour, said another official performing his duties at a TMA.