PUNE (India) Former Australian captain Ian Chappell is concerned with John Howards nomination as ICC vice president, according to Neil E Gillespie, father of fast bowler Jason Gillespie. Speaking to this scribe from Australia, he said, Ian Chappell is also concerned about the inappropriateness of the Howard nomination. I suggest his approach was the inappropriateness due to Howards lack of cricket credentials where mine opposition was clearly because of his racist attitude and policies that were detrimental to Aboriginal peoples in this country, he further added. Cricket Australia (CA) and New Zealand Cricket (NZC) have jointly filed their nomination in favour of John Howard to succeed Sharad Pawar as ICC vice president first and then president. There is a lot of disquiet from New Zealand as Howard was not their choice but Australias and Howard as I understand, was Cricket Australias nomination with a great deal of discomfort from NZ, he added. Why someone like an Ian Chappell, Mark Taylor or Allan Border were not considered is beyond me. Some of the smaller nations will fall behind Australia simply because of the pressure CA would place on them. I still cant believe that India would support racism by supporting Howard. To accept him is to accept that racism is acceptable, he further added. If CA is adamant then I see this appointment of John Howard as the beginning to the end of Cricket as we know it. You will eventually only have Black nations playing Black nations and white nations playing white, that is how divisive this man is. He will bring to the ICC complaints about racism and I will go as far to say the ICC will have complaints lodged against it to the United Nations. He is clearly an inappropriate choice and I would expect the ICC would see reason and oppose his nomination by a clear majority of ICC countries, Gillespie added.