LAHORE - Citibank Pakistan celebrated Diversity Week from June 7-11 as part of a company-wide initiative across the cities of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. This is our 3rd EMEA wide Diversity Week, in 54 countries with 36,000 employees. The aim is to reach out to a wide audience to inspire, educate and enhance diversity thought leadership of managers and staff. Citi Pakistan celebrated this through a Citis Got Talent Hunt, a Bring Your Kids to Work Day in collaboration with the NGO Development in Literacy and a Cultural Dress day in sync with the theme of redefining self-expression. Salman Hussain, Head of Product and Alternate Channels at Citi said, 'Diversity Week 2010 provided a great opportunity for employee engagement and appreciation of different values. Cultural dress day was particularly interesting as we got to witness a range of diverse cultures in each department; the participation at both individual and group levels was overwhelming. 'We want to raise awareness about the potential negative impact of favouring certain people or groups and overlooking the value assigned to difference-Citis resilience as an organisation is premised upon this reality, said Citi Pakistans Consumer Bank Head, Aliuddin Ahmed. This years Diversity Week was particularly impressive as individuals from every group participated in some capacity or the other. Citi Pakistans CCO and MD Arif Usmani said, 'The theme for Diversity Week this year was 'Reflecting on Unconscious Bias. Citi Pakistan as always celebrated this initiative with the utmost vigour and enthusiasm. This week provided a great opportunity for all of us to take a look in the mirror at ourselves and our organisation and appreciate the differences amongst us.