ISLAMABAD Muhammad Miskeen, a resident of village Rani Wah (District Haripur) has sought intervention of the Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry for judicial relief in a lingering civil matter that has added miseries to his life and the entire family. With his disability since chopping of his right hand in the event of an accident, Miskeens ordeal revolves around his 23 kanals of property, his only source of living, which had been forcefully grabbed by a cement tycoon back in 1994. In his appeal to the Chief Justice he narrated that that he has been deprived of his sole property by the owner of the Best Way cement factory in connivance with the Collector Haripur. He said he has been suffering from bad financial condition by contesting a lengthy case for last 16 years. He said that being poor and having disability, it was not affordable for him to pursue further his case in the courts. In the application he wrote, Two watermills on that property were sole source of my income that had also been occupied by the aforementioned industry due to which I am unemployed since long. However, later the collector Haripur had accepted my right over one of water driven flour chuki but so far I could not get that one. He appealed to the Chief Justice that if his case has become complicated then till the final decision of the case at least payment of income of one of his water driven flour chukis that had already been accepted by collector should be given to him. Your kind attention in this matter not only would be source of new ray of hope for justice in this regard but it would also help me and my familys survival, he appealed.