Five persons of a same family committed suicide by taking poisonous pills in Shahpur, area of Lahore while doctors saved lives of two members. According to media reports, Akbar (40), a Rickshaw driver took poisonous pills and also gave to his wife and three daughters due to poverty. Akbar and his two daughters identified as Nadia (12) and Aiman (6), were died at the result of taking poisonous pills while his wife Muzamil Bibi and another daughter survived. Muzamil Bibi and 12 years old Beenish were brought in a critical condition in Jinnah Hospital and the doctors saved their lives. Muhammad Aslam, father of deceased Rickshaw driver while talking to a private TV channel said that he had not idea that his son could take such extreme step. Meanwhile Well-known social worker, Abdul Sattar Edhi has warned of bloody revolution, if the situation did not improve. Talking to a private TV channel, Abdul Sattar Edhi said that injustice was prevailing in the society and the poor situation is forcing people to take extreme steps. He said that the government is not doing anything to mitigate the suffering of the poor and time is not far away when people would take extreme steps. He said that the practice of paying less tax is common among rich people.