LAHORE The power distribution companies working under Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pepco) have prepared the lists of defaulters that have to pay hefty amounts to the companies against the consumption of electricity units. The amounts run into billions but the companies were not revealing names of the defaulters, especially of the government departments, to avoid wrath of high-ups, sources told The Nation. As per details, the Pepco heading about nine power distribution companies including Lahore Electricity Supply Company (Lesco), has kept itself away from the preparation of the defaulters lists, and the Lesco, one of the companies, has prepared the same enlisting defaulters including the government departments which have to pay hefty amount for consumption of electricity. Lesco Customers Services Centre Director Farasat Zaman refused to disclose the names of the federal and government departments, which are the major defaulters of Lesco. When a question was asked about the public sector defaulter departments, he said that without approval of Lesco Chief Executive he could not reveal their names. Sources revealed that power distribution companies had to make recovery in millions of rupees from the defaulter departments including WASA and the Police. A fear lurches in the back of the mind if Wasa fails to pay and switches off its tubewells to create water problems in the City while a question mark is against seeking police help for the recovery with many stations are themselves defaulter. When a question was put to a director of Customers Service Centre, he expressed ignorance about the procedure of recovery of such bulky amounts standing against the government departments and others, and just said, he would not like to comment on the whole story. While sources privy to the Lesco revealed that the Directors had been directed by the high command not to disclose the names of government departments, which are the defaulters. On the other hand the Lesco has intensified its drive for recovery of Rs 5.525 billion arrears by initially disconnecting the power supply to chronic defaulters. As per a report, Lesco CEO Muhammad Saleem Akhtar revealed that Rs 3017 million and Rs 2508 million arrears were pending against private and public sectors respectively while another hefty amount of Rs 2907 was also to be cleared by the federal and provincial governments under special subsidy given to farmers on agriculture tubewells. He said that all SEs, Xens and SDOs had been directed to expedite the recovery on top priority and personally ensure realisation on a daily basis. He said defaulters who failed to clear their financial liabilities after the expiry of the deadline, would be deprived of power supply till the amount was paid. Pepco Public Relations Officer Col (r) Sajjad informed The Nation that all the companies were busy in the recovery of the amounts from the defaulters. Sources however said that so far a comprehensive policy from the floor of the Pepco was awaited for the companies to recover the default amounts in a more effective and quick way. They said defaulters in some cases are following the practice of switching over to a new connection with other name when they had cut off the supply for non payment. By that means they also buy time to negotiate the matter and enter settlement. This has been identified as a basic reason behind delays in recovery of the amounts in the private sector defaulters.