ISLAMABAD With the obvious ouster of Chairman National Accountability Bureau, Navid Ahsan, it would now be a Herculean task for the Government to appoint new chairman, as it requires consultation and approval of both the Leader of Opposition and Supreme Court of Pakistan, which in prevailing circumstances seem quite difficult, if not impossible. Sources in the Government informed that the Government under a set plan had removed the Chairman National Accountability Bureau and the acting charge was given to Deputy Chairman NAB, Javid Zia Qazi so that the department could function as per the satisfaction of the Ministry of Law. The sources further said that the Government was not interested in appointment of new chairman NAB and would continue to run the department with its handpicked man as Acting Chairman as per its whims and wishes. The prevailing Government-Opposition tension and their cold relations with the Supreme Court of Pakistan would help them in maintaining the status quo, the sources added. The sources said that in the prevailing circumstances where the Government was at odds with both the Opposition and Supreme Court of Pakistan, it would be very difficult to get the person of their choice seated on the slot of Chairman NAB. There is strong likelihood that the incumbent Acting Chairman NAB would continue to occupy the post. Sources in the National Accountability Bureau informed that soon after taking over the charge of Acting Chairman, Javid Zia Qazi took hold of all the record of the sensitive cases including the controversial Swiss cases. These sources further said that Javid Zia Qazi was especially inducted in the department by the Ministry of Law and Justice to serve their cause and would remain tamed and subservient to the Government contrary to his predecessor, who on a number of occasions had acted against the will of Government and in compliance with the Supreme Court of Pakistan orders. The sources said that till the enactment of the proposed accountability law the consultation of Leader of Opposition and Supreme Court of Pakistan was made mandatory for the appointment of Chairman NAB and in its verdict on NRO case the apex court had clearly mentioned it and referred to the Asfandyar Wali versus State case wherein the court had directed that for the appointment of Chairman NAB the consultation with Leader of Opposition and Supreme Court of Pakistan is mandatory. The sources further said that it was also mentioned in the NRO case verdict that the Government should remove Chairman NAB, Prosecutor General and Deputy Prosecutor General for concealing the court during the hearing on NRO case but further added that till the time of appointment of new Chairman NAB the incumbent should continue to perform his duties. But as the Government was not comfortable with former chairman NAB Navid Ahsan, he was forced to tender resignation so that the Government could save itself from another breach of the Supreme Court verdict.