LAHORE - Former ISI Chief Lt-Gen (r) Hameed Gul has said that Israels brutal attack on Freedom Flotilla aid ship had caused immense shock in the Muslim world. The American government is astonished at the firm stance taken by Turkey, which is a member of NATO, he said. Hameed Gul expressed these views during separate meetings with Managing Director Nawa-i-Waqt Group and Editor-in-Chief TheNation Majid Nizami, and Deputy Managing Director Nawa-i-Waqt Group Rameeza Nizami here on Tuesday. Gul said Pakistan is a nuclear power but our role is shameful regarding the aggression of Israeli forces on innocent Palestinians. He further said that our rulers are scared of their own shadow and in such circumstances how can we expect a gallantry role from them. "It is time for action and the entire Muslim world have to take firm and united stand against Israeli aggression on Freedom Flotilla," he added. He further said that he has witnessed an exemplary change across the world especially in Pakistan as the circumstances are quite different and the status quo in being broken. On this occasion, Majid Nizami stated that we should utilise our own resources instead of begging for foreign aid. He said our eternal enemy is India and Delhis attitude was worse when Pakistan became a nuclear state in 1998. Regarding Israeli attack, he said the atrocities of Israel were not limited to the borders of Palestine as it along with the US and India had been conspiring against Pakistan. 'We should remain alert and ensure that our national interests are safeguarded, he added. During a meeting with Hameed Gul, Rameeza Nizami said Waqt News is fulfilling the pious obligation of safeguarding the national interest, solidarity of the State besides representing the feelings of the masses in a forceful manner. She said Pakistani media is playing a pivotal role regarding national, international and local problems. Waqt News is acting as a voice of the time, she maintained and added that the channel is also creating awareness vis-a-vis fundamental rights of the public. Gul also praised the role of Waqt News on this occasion by saying: I feel proud to watch Waqt News channel as the role of this channel is quite impressive. It is the real representative of the masses, he added.