LAHORE - Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that terrorism would never end unless the US forces leave Afghanistan. He criticised the government for asking Washington to stay on Afghan soil, saying, They just want dollars, they have nothing to do with the nation. Expressing his views in 'Agla Qadam programme on WAQT NEWS TV channel on Tuesday, he said the politicians having billions of dollars in accounts abroad could never be sincere to the country, adding that the govt and the rulers were now in a quagmire and there was no option except the mid-term elections in the country. He warned that the situation was moving towards a bloody revolution and said no stability was possible in a country where Rs1.6 million were spent on the tyres of Nawaz Sharifs car while Rs12 million had been wasted on four foreign tours by the information minister. He said the friendly opposition had created despair in the country, adding that Maulana Fazlur Rehman-led opposition was much better than the present lot. Imran questioned the Nawaz League for not stopping a corrupt person from entering the Presidency by using the judiciary. Targeting Nawaz for his attitude, Imran said he (Nawaz) could not be trusted. Had the PML-N boycotted the elections, the situation would not have been the same, he opined, adding that the decision was a result of a phone call from abroad. He accused Nawaz of deceiving and said he (Nawaz) thought them as mere tools. He said the last general elections were a continuity of the decision to fight the American war, drone attacks and Musharrafs policies. The champions of democracy forgot their promises soon after assuming power, he said, adding that the situation prevailing now was much worse in comparison with Musharrafs regime. He also accused the Parliament of trying to influence the judiciary, which had been freed by the masses. The democracy prevailing in the political parties of the democrats can be gauged from the fact that Asif Zardari and Bilawal can send the prime minister to home whenever they chose to do so, he remarked. He lambasted the govt for not accepting the apex courts verdict on NRO, saying the reopening of Swiss cases would result in strengthening the democracy and an effective accountability. We are struggling to cleanse the electoral process of corrupt elements. By-polls can never change the govts, therefore, people decided in favour of Jamshed Dasti to resolve their issues, he maintained, adding, The masses prefer the 'dacoits because there is no rule of law in the country.