KARACHI Khalid Mahmood of Sukkur won javelin throw gold of the 13th Sindh Games when he sent the lance to 48.81 meters on the second day of the three day games here at National coaching centre on Tuesday. Abdul Sattar of Karachi with a throw of 47.87meters came second and Muhammad Shahbaz of Mirpurkhas was third with 46.81meters. Muhammad Riaz of Karachi won the 100 meters sprint in 11.48 seconds. His teammate Abdullah Chandio was second with 11.50 second and Fida Hussain of Sukkur was third with 11.59 seconds. Karachi region continues to dominate the games by winning number of gold medals in both individual and team events. Results. Following are the results: Men: 100M. Gold: Riaz Khan Karachi Time: 11.48 second. Silver: Abdullah Chandio Karachi 11.50 seconds. Bronze: Fida Hussain Sukkur 11.59 seconds. 800M: Rizwan Manzoor (Sukkur) 2min08.44 sec 2. Muhammad Faisal (Hyderabad) 2min10,34 sec 3. Ghulam Yaseen (Larkana) 2min10.43 sec Javelin Throw: 1. Khalid Mahmood (Sukkur) 48.84m 2. Abdul Sattar (Karachi) 47.87m 3. Muhammad Shahbaz (Mirpurkhas) 46.81m Long jump: 1. Shakeel Ahmed (Karachi) 6.48m 2. Irfan (Sukkur) 6.21m 3. Abdul Sattar (Hyderabad) 6.13m 5000M 1. Rizwan Mansoor (Sukkur) 17min50.21sec 2. M.Zeeshan (Karachi) 18min37.89sec 3. M.Nizam (Karachi) 18m52.10sec Women: 100M. Gold :Samreen Karachi time 13.70 seconds. Silver: Razia Sehr Khan Karachi 14.10 secons. Bronze: Kanwal Naz Hyerabad 14.30 seconds. 800M. 1.Almas Ibrahim (Karachi) 3min02.82sec 2. Namira Raza (Mirpurkhas) 3min20.10sec 3. Mahnoor (Karachi) 3min24.26 sec 1500M: 1. Almas Ibrahim (Karachi) 7min21.41sec 2. Sana Ibrahim (Karachi) 7min27.07sec 3. Raheela Memon (Hyderabad) 8min40.30sec Javelin Throw: 1. Nazma Azhar (Karachi) 27.48m 2. Tayyaba Kausar (Sukkur) 20.63m 3. Sahrish Khan (Karachi) 19.88 sec Long jump: 1. Samreen Naz (Karachi) 4.69m 2. Razia Sher Khan (Karachi) 4.42m 3. Hira Raza (Mirpurkhas) 4.06m Wanjhawati. Final. Sukkur beat Karachi 2 Paki and 2 Kachi-3 Kachi Larkano beat Hyderabad by 2Paki-0. Gold: Sukkur. Silver Karachi. Bronze: Larkano. Tennis (female): Karachi beat Hyderabad 2-0. Seher beat Marium 6-1,6-0. Sarah beat Mahnoor 6-0,6-1. Karachi beat Mirpurkhas 2-0. Seher beat Eman 6-0,6-0. Sara beat Jasia 6-0,6-1. Gold: Karachi, Silver: Mirpurkahs Bronze Hyderabad Male: Karachi beat Larkano 2-0. Nomi Qamar beat Khalid 6-0,6-0. Zahoor Raza beat Pervez 6-0 retired. Badminton (male): Sukkur beat Mirpurkahs 2-0.For third place. Tahseen beat Waseem Akhtar 18-21,21-16,21-16. Doubles. Adad Shaikh /Zaheer beat Javed/faizan 21-15,21-11. Table tennis. Female Mirpurkahs beat Sukkur 3-1. Hyderabad beat Larkano 3-2 in semi final. Karachi beat Mirpurkahs 3-0 in semi final. Larkano beat Mirpurkahs 3-0 for third place. Male. Mirpurkhas beat Larkano 3-1. Hyderabad beat Sukkur 3-0.semi final. Karachi beat Larkano 3-0.semi final. Sukkur beat Larkano 3-1.Third position Fooball. Hyderabad beat Sukkur 2-1. Larkano bat Mirpurkhas 2-1PK. Krachi beat Hyderabad 3-0. Throwball. Women (final placing) Gold Karachi. Silver: Hyderabad. Bronze: Sukkur. Netball (women final placing). Gold Hyderabad. Silver Karachi. Bronze Mirpurkhas. Final Hyderabad beat Karachi 12-11 goals. Kodi Kodi. Sukkur beat Larkano 50-35 points in final. Karachi beat Hyderabad 36-20 points for third place. Gold: Sukkur Silver Larkano Bronze: Karachi Soft ball (male) Sukkur beat Karachi by 8-4 runs semi final. Karachi awarded walk over Mirpurkhas for third position Cycling. Individual time trial.40Km. Gold Farooq Sukkur 41:24.00 seconds Silver: Naeem Larkano 41:56.00 seconds. Bronze: Sultan Karachi 42:07.00 sedonds. Team Trial.42 Km. Gold Karachi 39:08.00 seconds. Silver Sukkur 46:56.00 seconds Bronze: Hyderabad 51:13.00 seconds.