RAWALPINDI The criminal negligence on the part of District Health Department (DHD) high ups has made the milkmen plucky as they are supplying hundreds of mounds of unhygienic milk daily in blue colour plastic drums laden on trucks in the city despite of ban imposed by Environment Protection Department (EPD) Punjab. EPD Punjab had imposed ban on reuse of blue colour plastic drums for food items. The drums are used for importing acids, chemicals and other liquid but some people are reusing them for milk transportation and as water tanks at their homes. However, scores of milkmen while throwing away the instructions of EPD in dustbin as well as taking advantage of outrageous carelessness of DHD big guns are supplying thousands of litters of germ-infested milk in blue colour plastic drums in different markets of the city nothing more than pushing the innocent citizens to the bunch of diseases. During a survey conducted by TheNation on Tuesday, it revealed that the milkmen with their trucks laden with blue colour plastic drums full of thousands of litters of impure milk enter in the city via GT Road and Charki Interchange (Motorway) during dawn and sell this milk to hotel, bakery and milk shop owners across the city. There is no proper check and balance by the law enforcers or DHD big wheels as these milkmen along with their vehicles move across the city without any fear, unload milk and go back to their destinations. A driver, who after selling milk parked his Shahzore truck (LZB-6038) loaded with empty blue colour plastic drums at a petrol pump at Bakra Mandi, when asked by this scribe that from where he brought this milk, replied that this milk was brought from Kasala (a suburb of Rawalpindi). When told that EPD had imposed a ban on supply of milk in these drums, he simply replied, I do not know. Meanwhile, four to five of his accomplices rushed towards him and barred him to open his mouth more. District Food Inspector (DFI) Rana Ghulam Murtaza, however, when contacted, said that there was no ban imposed ever by any authority on the sale of milk in blue colour plastic drums and quickly added that Secretary and Provincial Minister Health should put a ban on reuse of these drums for transporting food items. DHD officials often arrest milkmen not on account of supplying milk in blue colour plastic drums but for selling unhygienic, powder and chemical mixed milk as it is not fit for human health, he said. EPD Punjab Director General (DG) Dr Shugufta Shahjahan, while talking to this scribe, made it clear that EPD had imposed a ban on reuse of blue colour plastic drums for food items and no one would be allowed to violate the law. When asked according to which law or clause EPD had imposed ban on reuse of plastic drums, she told this scribe that at this time she was out from office and would be able tomorrow (Tuesday) morning to provide official documents in this regard. However, she did not receive her cell phone today (Tuesday) despite several attempts made by this scribe.