ISLAMABAD The Supreme Court on Tuesday took a strict notice of the poor performance of Capital police for not recovering the missing student, Hassan Sharjeel, 17, the son of Editor SANA News Shakeel Ahmad Turabi. The court has set a final deadline of 24 hours for the police to recover the missing boy. The court also held the Islamabad police responsible for the publication of a false news in media to mislead the court. In his remarks, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said that no one could dare prejudice and blackmail the court over the sensitive issue of missing persons. He said, During my recent visit to Quetta, I heard such hue and cry from the people there due to illegal abduction of their beloved ones. A three-member bench, headed by the Chief Justice, heard the suo moto case. Other members of the bench included Justice Ghulam Rabbani and Justice Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramday. Justice Ramday asked the IG, Why have you got published the news regarding this matter to prejudice us in a newspaper. The Chief Justice also rebuked the police officials saying, You people gave certificates to other sensitive institutes in this matter and now you would face the music. Inspector General Capital Police, Kaleem Imam, DIG, Binyamin and SSP Tahir Alam appeared before the court and told the bench that the case is much complicated, therefore, it will take more time to solve. The Chief Justice said, We will not give you any more time as you have already spent six months in this case. He asked the police officials that it was their responsibility to recover the boy but You could not deliver. Give us desired results otherwise go and report to Secretary Interior and tell him that you are incompetent. The court told the police officials, We are the guardians of the missing son of Shakeel Turabi and other citizens who were illegally abducted, across the country. Syed Kaleem Imam submitted that he had been appearing in this court and produced a number of missing persons, adding, Two days back the Islamabad police had recovered a missing child within 72 hours. But the Chief Justice said that till the recovery of Hassan Sharjeel the court would not accept any thing else. If you achieve hundred tasks but fail to achieve next, your performance would be considered poor as each and everyday brings a new test for you, the Chief Justice further remarked. Justice Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramday said, We will not compromise over the duty assigned to us under the law for which we take salary. He further observed that the capital police did not even know that under its nose land mafia had occupied land in the vicinity of Islamabad but the police was either helpless or involved in it.