ISLAMABAD (APP) - US Ambassador to Pakistan Anne W. Patterson, in an engaging diplomatic initiative and outreach for scaling Pakistan business friendly outlook, led the third delegation of Pakistani business leaders to the United States (US) as part of Business Ambassadors Programme. Launched by the US Embassy and Pakistans Board of Investment (BOI) in April last year, the programme seeks to highlight Pakistans most successful business leaders and stimulate trade and investment opportunities between the two countries. In her comments on the initiative, Ambassador Patterson said Pakistans business friendly outlook and entrepreneurial investment markets are inextricably linked and the US is committed to supporting the Pakistani American Community in their endeavours and investment opportunities to foster private sector investment and trade links. The extraordinary commitment by the US top diplomat was further evidenced when she made a statement that Pakistan represents a vast market with a formidable entrepreneurial class and we are leveraging this exceptional group of business leaders to highlight existing and potential market opportunities for partnership and collaboration. During their visit to New York city and Boston, the delegates held a meeting with business leaders, leaders of Pakistani American Community, Governor of Mass International trade office, Harvard Kennedy School of government think-tank and the media at large to promote better understanding of Pakistan and its economy. The delegation represents a diverse range of sectors, including energy, power, private equity, banking, airlines, infrastructure, and consumer goods and services. Prominent members of Pakistani business delegation included Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Chairman and CEO, Airblue, Nadeem Babar CEO, Orient Power Company Limited, Razak Dawood Chairman, Descon Engineering, Faisal Mushtaq, Group Director Roots School System, Pakistan and some others. The host Shahid Khan in his introductory remarks at Boston said US government and US Embassy in Pakistan are committed to helping anyone in the US who has investment and trade interests in Pakistan. The local Pakistani US Business community lauded the extraordinary support, leadership and effort of Ambassador Patterson who not only represented Pakistan as an island of opportunity and treasure but surprised the audience by raising the bar on Pakistan; for not to compare Pakistan with failing security and poor law and order domestic environment, in fact to look for prospects, opportunities, benefits and returns for their investment as benchmarked on any other lucrative international business investment opportunity. Ambassador further highlighted that more than 700 multinationals currently have a presence in Pakistan and the investment landscape is even more attractive when investors see past the headlines and focus on the bottom line potential.