LAHORE (APP)- PEPCO has urged the traders community to continue their cooperation regarding closure of markets at 8pm, which helps save 1000MW daily, ultimately reducing the load-shedding duration throughout the country. Briefing media at Wapda House here Tuesday, the PEPCO DG (Energy Management and Conservation) Engineer M Khalid said the PEPCO was continuing its commitment of un-interrupted power supply to business centres from 10am to 2pm and 4pm to 8pm as demanded by the traders. To a question, he said, We want the traders to follow international practice of doing business from dawn to dusk. The energy conservation measures, as agreed in the Energy Summit held in Islamabad in April 2010, and the improved power generation had enabled the PEPCO to exempt from load-shedding the industry including cement, textile, sugar, plastic, chemical and fertilizers etc., besides eliminating the un- announced load-shedding in all the power distribution companies. While, load-shedding has also been lifted from Sunder Industrial Estate and industrial units at Kot Lakhpat and Township, he said, asserting, the load-shedding duration for power looms and industrial-dominant feeders has also been brought down. The PEPCO had also facilitated its domestic consumers by giving full or partial relief in the load-shedding, citing, the power load-shedding has been lifted in domestic sector since 5pm Monday up till now. The DG said, the peak generation during last 24 hours remained at 13552MW, which is highest over the last ten months, while maximum generation recorded at 12968MW in 2009. This year, he said, the IPPs generation is excellent with 6320MW at present against the 5264MW yester year, adding the RPPs are contributing 155MW into the main system.