LAHORE In order to minimise the possibilities of irregularities and to eradicate corruption in the administrative departments, a number of decisions and measures have been approved in the meeting of the provincial secretaries held under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary Punjab Nasir Mehmood Khosa. Matters regarding Health, Food, Industry, Communication and Works, Irrigation, Housing, Finance, Excise & Taxation and Agriculture departments came under discussion in the meeting and more than 30 workable measures were recommended for eradication of irregularities from these departments. According to these measures, the contracts amounting to more than Rs100 million for the construction of buildings and the contracts amounting to more than Rs200 million for the construction of roads could only be awarded at the provincial level. Contractors having bad reputation and poor track record would be screened out. The powers of XENs have been curtailed and the construction work will be executed by the government departments themselves except a few departments and not by the Building Department. The Food Department will not pay any transport charges except for transportation of wheat from the wheat procurement centres to the godowns. The system of storage of wheat in gunny bags would be gradually abolished and the department will only use new gunny bags for the procurement of wheat every year instead of using old gunny bags. Payment of more than ten bags of wheat would be made only by cheques and CCTV cameras would be installed in the godowns. The present corrupt system of purchase for costly medical and diagnostic equipment by the Health Department at prices thrice or four times higher than the market prices would be abolished and a new purchase system would be evolved. Procurement of less costly equipment will also be made at the provincial level. The approved pharmacopoeias will be revised and a mechanism would be developed to purchase quality medicines at lowest possible rates in a transparent manner. The furniture and laboratory equipment under the use of the Education Department would be standardised and purchase of books for libraries of educational institutions would be ensured according to their need. The bidding of various projects of the Irrigation Department would be made online and in future, contracts of even emergency nature would not be given without the approval of the provincial secretaries. According to the decisions taken to check irregularities in the Housing Department, the process of transfer of land in the government housing schemes of development authorities would be made transparent. Nasir Khosa directed the provincial secretaries to materialise all these decisions till July next. He said he would hold another meeting soon to finalise proposals to eliminate corruption from other departments also.