LAHORE - Resolving the Kashmir issue is a 'must for progress and prosperity of the Pakistan. Theses views were expressed by Member Pakistan Occupied Kashmir Assembly Sardar Khalid Ibrahim in a sitting titled 'Kashmir Issue: Obduracy of Indian Rulers and Weakness of Pakistani Rulers organised by Nawa-i-Waqt Group at Hameed Nizami Hall here on Tuesday. The speakers disapproved of the provincial status of Gilgit-Biltistan saying, it was just a joke with the people of Gilgit as they did not have any membership in the parliament. They were of the view that Gilgat-Biltistan including Jammu and Kashmir Valley is the part of Kashmir. Sardar Khalid said freedom movement of Kashmir was movement of controversies. He said Kashmir is an integral part of Pakistan and India could occupy Kashmir just in a week if Pakistan did not back Kashmiris. Criticising the renaming of Khyber PK, he said it was for personal interests with no ideology behind it. Sardar Ibrahim said hypocrisy was the part of Indian politics as Jaswant Singh wrote in his book 'Jinnah that Quaid-e-Azam did not want to divide India and Pakistan came into being incidentally. He said current politicians of Pakistan were product of dictators having no agenda to resolve the problems of the masses. He further said India was responsible for Dhaka fall while our president called India a friend. Answering to a question, he said Pakistan was made for the balanced Muslims like Quaid-e-Azam and not for fundamentals like Sufi Mohammad. Third option to resolve the Kashmir issue in the sight is according to the resolutions of United Nation, he added. Director Kashmir Centre Mirza Sadiq Jarrar said at the time of partition Kashmiris had decided to append with Pakistan but Maharaja conspired and affiliated with India. He said Pandat Nehro had promised on every forum to free people of Kashmir to affiliate with any state on their own will but he did not fulfil his promises. He said Indian rulers dont like to talk on Kashmir, which shows their dishonesty to resolve the issue. He further said at the time of Indus Water Treaty our experts opposed it as according to the treaty India could construct dams on our rivers. He said Kashmiris have no hope the current government would resolve Kashmir issue, however it was a different case with Nawaz Sharif as he was sincere in its resolution. Deewan Ghulam Mohayu-ddin said our rulers disliked to talk Kashmir issue due to American pressure while the nation was committed to resolve it. He said corrupt politicians always protected military dictators who damaged institutions in the country. He also criticised the media, except Nawa-i-Waqt Group, for not highlighting Kashmir issue. Former adviser to president Pakistan Occupied Kashmir Syed Naseeb Ullah Gardaizi said Kashmir issue was the oldest one in the world hence it needs to be sorted out on priority basis. He said demarcation of ceasefire line in Shimla treaty had weakened our stance on Kashmir issue. India could not conquer Pakistan but it was trying to defeat us economically, he added. Kashmir was a jugular-vain of Pakistan, he concluded.