There can be no two opinions about the dire need for promoting and projecting Pakistans soft image abroad. We need to depict Pakistan as a positive, moderate and tolerant society in the foreign countries. Lately, that image has been tarnished somewhat in the comity of nations due to two main factors i.e. the rise of militancy and extremism in Pakistan and the shenanigans in nuclear proliferation by one scientist who along with several others had contributed in turning Pakistan into a nuclear power. The PML-Q President and former Prime Minister Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain has quite rightly asked the present government to utilize the funds being wasted on unproductive programmes like BISP on projection and promotion of the countrys soft image abroad. Chaudhry Shujaat made this demand talking to journalists while inaugurating artist Jimmy Engineers exhibition of solo paintings. One cannot but wholly endorse Chaudhry Shujaats point of view in this regard. Pakistan is neither a terrorist state nor promoting nuclear proliferation in any manner. Islamabads nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes and is there only as a minimum security deterrent against aggression. The government would be well-advised to pay heed to demand of the PML-Q leadership and do the needful by sending well-known personalities like Maulana Abdul Sattar Edhi and Jimmy Engineer as well as others from among our prominent writers, poets, singers and musicians to Washington, Paris, London and elsewhere. They would repair the damage done by the accusation of nuclear proliferation and terrorism. -MOHSIN ABDUL HAQ SHAIKH, Lahore, June 15.