The U.S. has welcomed the statement of the European Union Foreign Affairs Council that it would take up the issue of strong measures to implement the recent UN Security Council resolution against Iran. We welcome the statement from the EU Foreign Affairs Council indicating the June 17 European Council will take up the issue of strong measures to implement and accompany UN Security Council Resolution 1929. We continue to work worldwide on vigorous implementation of the resolution, and we have every indication that the European Council later this week will affirm that is the EUs intention as well, State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley told reporters at his daily news conference. The US has reaffirmed the commitment to engage Iran in pursuit of a diplomatic resolution to the international communitys concerns regarding Irans nuclear programme, he said. Resolution 1929 keeps the door open for continued engagement between the P-5+1 and Iran, as well as other differences between us. We hope the Security Councils adoption of this resolution will affect Irans strategic calculus and cause the nation to take a more constructive course, Mr. Crowley said.