On 13th June, in Islamabad's sector I-8, a security guard intercepted the suicide attacker at the entrance of a local bankand sacrificed his life to save many others.Had the attacker entered the bank, loss of lives would have been enormous.The tide of terrorismhasgained momentum. It is risingsince May 2 mayhemand no one is safe in any part of the country. Our security plans fail one after other and people are being crushed like ants. The most pitiable situation is that most of the times the poor lot faces death, leaving in lurcha number of dependants, who arenever looked upon by state. Now time has come that each and every person of the country should raise voice againstterrorists. These savages must be brought to book by law enforcing agencies. Cash rewardor some medal of honour must be announced by bank management and government for bravery shown by the guard. IFTIKHAR SHAHEEN MIRZA, Islamabad, June14.