The overseas Pakistanis are very much perturbed on the deteriorating law and order situation of our country. Suicide bombings, target killings, terrorism, murders,corruption, bribery, fraud, deceit, robberies, theft, cell phones, cars and motor cycles snatching, kidnapping and abductions for ransom etc. along with major bunglings cases likeHaj Fraud, NIC Fraud, Steel Mills Fraud, Punjab Bank Fraud, NLC Fraud, Non recovery of Loans Fraud,Taxi Scheme Fraud, Small Loans Fraud, Containers Fraud, etc. have become common. The police supported by the Rangers/ F. C. have failed. We hear that the police have arrested criminals but the courts could not punish them and they are eitherlet loose on bails or their cases are adjourned for years together. Our Ministers issue strict warning tolawbreakersand enquiries are orderedon whichno concrete action is taken and with the passage of time are filedwhen the enthusiasm of the public dies down. Thefailure of the police and the administration to control the law and order situation results in the Supreme Court takingSuo Moto action but the public wants its result with severe punishment to criminals. Our Media, Press, TVs, anchor persons, leaders and participants in the debates/discussionsdo not touch this important topic as to how to end this stalemate and suggest ways and means to change the existing much exploited police and judicial system into Shura police and Qazi or Summary Courts system.The Late Gen. Zia-ul-Haq had promised the changebut he did not do it deliberately. He promised Islamic Nizam and won a referendum also but that was all a tool to continue his rule by exploiting the system. I therefore request all the press and Media, TV anchor persons, sincere leaders to discuss this important issue in their debates and discussions to find a solution to the ever increasing rising rate of crime in our country. SYED SADRUDDIN HUSSAIN, Canada, June 13.