KOT ADDU - Kot Addu Tehsil Headquarters Hospital is facing a many problems because of doctors who are reportedly guilty of dereliction of duty and ignorance by the Health Department. The sole X-ray machine and a generator at the hospital are out of order since long, adding to the miseries of the patients and their attendants in very hot weather. Medicines are nowhere in sight in the hospitals outdoor and even emergency units thereby putting the life of a large number of poor citizens at stake. Patients have to buy drugs from market. However, the only ultrasound machine is being operated by a male while women of the area do not like to be x-rayed by him. Likewise, male, female and children wards are running without physicians. Facilities for surgery are not available in the hospital thereupon the patients have to pay huge amounts in private clinics. Simultaneously, unavailable water and unclean atmosphere are also big problems whilst washrooms are not worthy to be used. Moreover, fee for ultrasound test has been increased for the last two months. In this regard, social and political circles appealed to the high authorities to repair instruments and release funds. When contacted, MS Dr Ziaul Hasan said that the Health Department officers have been informed about the generator and other machines. Regarding uncleanliness, he said that only three sweepers had been appointed in the hospital, adding that they were not able to clean the big hospital.